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Dennis is always looking for other interested and interesting people to help produce and maintain this salmon focused website, blog and e-newsmonthly. Contact him if you are interested.

Dennis Lloyd Kuklok, the site designer and "webmaster/editor” is a Landscape Architect and Natural Resource Planner with over 40 years professional experience in Alaska and around the world. Much of his work has had a strong environmental education focus. In 1999 he moved onto 40 acres of wild temperate rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. His property includes two anadromous (salmon bearing) streams. He calls the place "Rocky Brook" after one of them.


He began to steward Rocky Brook to conserve its wildlife. Through living there, he developed an interest in its salmon populations as well as salmon in general. This began to translate into drawings, photographs, games, songs, stories and art. He launched the allsalmonconsidered website in June of 2015 to both share what he has been learning as well as to serve as a place where others with a passion for salmon can further their knowledge, find information and resources, and connect with like minded people.

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