Photos, Graphic Images & Art

Celebrating salmon in the visual arts


Unless otherwise noted, photos and images are copyrighted by Dennis Lloyd Kuklok. Most are available for use at nominal or no charge, with special consideration given to non-profit organizations and public entities involved in salmon research, protection, education and outreach. Contact us if interested.

Photo Blog: Rocky Brook & The Dosewallips River



(See Blog "Salmon Eating Songbirds)

Salmon Themed Art & Interpretation

Portion of a proposed salmon interpretive park along Ketchikan Creek.



Design: Dennis Lloyd Kuklok




Salmon Illustrations, Graphics & Cartoons

Here is the illustration for the Dipper card in the new SalmonSense Word game (see games page).







This eleven ft. long “flying salmon”, hand forged and welded bronze sculpture by Keith Jellum is situated in the SE corner of the historic South Park building (built in 1928, restored in 1995) in Portland, Oregon.


Jellum, nearly 80, specializes in “wind activated pieces that swim or fly”. See for more examples of his work.