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Bookshelf Reviews of Books, Films, Music and Other Media About Salmon Looking For A Good Children’s Book on Wild Salmon? Powells Books in Portland, Oregon is arguably, one of the country’s largest and best bookstores. It has a children’s collection of over ____ books, taking up as much space as most normal bookstores. So, I was quite surprised when I visited there recently and asked to see what they had in “books for kids on salmon.” Throughout the mulit-level store, employees help people find things. Their inventory is computerized, so it seemed like an easy task. Yet, after searching their data base and wandering around to a few different aisles, all they could come up with were two books: Salmon Stream by Carol Reed Jones, Illustrations by Michael S. Maydak (2000) and Adventures of Riley: Survival of the Salmon by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz (a series of kids book on nature, with website). Powells had whole shelves of books on sharks, bears, monkeys and whales, but only one picture book on wild pacific salmon. This was quite a surprise for a bookstore smack dab in the middle of salmon country. There had to be more. So I searched Amazon. Surely this megastore of choice would have every book ever done on salmon. There I came up with 11 titles. There were 113 entries in “Children’s Books About Salmon Fish”, of which only 11 were books actually for children. A Duckduckgo search (my preferred alternative search engine, which states that it does not track your activities nor share them with others) came up with 8. A Google search yielded 10 (sponsored) books. Overall, this effort yielded the list to the right of salmon themed books for children (which includes four titles which I knew about and never showed up in any of my other searches). Key: P Powells Downtown Portland Store A Amazon G Google D Duckduckgo K Titles I Was Familiar With But Did Not Come Up In Any of the Above Searches. If you know of others, please let us know on the comments page. I am reviewing as many of the above books as I can get my hands on, and will produce my “top ten” recommendations in a future update of this site.

1. Salmon Stream by Carol Reed Jones, Illustrations by Michael S. Maydak (2000) P G


2. Adventures of Riley: Survival of the Salmon by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz (a series of kids book on nature, with website)  P


3. Sammy and Sally’s Search for Salmon by Benjamin Patrick Curley (2014) A


4. The Magic Schoolbus Goes Upstream: A Book About Salmon Migration by ______ A G D


5. Why Salmon Cry by Roger Blain and Amy Ostwald (2016) A


6. Siren’s Song by Rebecca Price and Diana Harlan Stein (2018) A D


7. The Boy Who Flew With Eagles by Ben Woodard and Laura Leikona (2017) A


8. Brody Bear Goes Fishing by Alvina Kwong (2016) A D


9. Big Fish Dreams by Lori Fisher Peelen and Consie Powell (2018) A D


10. Salmon Matters: How a Fish Feeds a Forest by Lisa M. Connors and Betty Greenwood (2018) A D


11. The Life Cycle of a Salmon (Learning About Life Cycles) by Ruth Thomson (2013) A G D


12. The Amazing Journey of Solomon, the Sockeye Salmon by Pamela Cannalte and Steven Beutler (2016) A


13. Migrating with the Salmon (Animal Journeys) by Thessaly Catt (2011) A G D


14. Jenny’s Upriver Adventure by Wendy Lopez (2016) A D


15. Salmon Creek by Annette LeBox and Karen Reczuch G


16. Catfish, Cod, Salmon and Scrod: What is a Fish by Brian Cleary G


17. S Is For Salmon: A Pacific Northwest Alphabet G


18. The Salmon’s Journey by Jon M. Fishman G


19. Salmon Life Cycles by Holly Duhig G


20. Salmon Princess: An Alaska Cinderella Story by ______ G


21. A Salmon for Simon by _______ G


22. The Salmon of Knowledge (Irish Folk Tale) by _______ G


23. The Salmon Stop Running: A Buck Wilder Adventure by  ________ G


24. P’esk’a and the First Salmon Ceremony by Scott Ritchie K


25. A King Salmon Journey by Debbie S. Miller and John H. Eiler (University of Alaska Press (2014) K


26. Salmon Forest by David Suzuki and Sarah Ellis, illustrated by Sheena Lott (2003) K

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