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Wahington Governor's

Salmon Recovery Office


Washingon’s Governor established the Salmon Recovery Office in ____. On its website in has the 2018 State of Salmon in Watersheds report, a great overview of conditions throughout the state.





Washington State Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups



If you live anywhere in Washington State, there is a group dedicated to salmon recovery near you. There are 14 regional groups, some are more active and visible than others. Created in 1990 by the State Legislature, the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group Program strives to involve local communities, businesses, landowners, NGO’s and citizen volunteers to partner with Federal, State, County and Tribal entities. A portion of Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife commercial and recreational fishing license fees support this program. Additional funding comes from project grants, habitat restoration services, donations, membership dues and in-kind contributions.


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Chronicle Books, 1987

by Michio Hoshinl




Michio Hoshino was a Japanese wildlife photographer who spent nearly 10 years photographing grizzly bears for this book. Although it is over thirty years old, and wildlife photography has advanced considerably since Hoshino spent literally months living in a tiny tent, alone, in some of the most remote and wild parts of this planet, this book is worth discovering. It has some of the first stunning images of bears catching salmon. While out of print, copies of this and three other of Hoshino’s books can still be found in many public libraries as well as online:


Moose (1998).

The Grizzley Bear Family Book (for young readers) (1997) and

Hoshino’s Alaska (2007)


While Hoshino focused on capturing bears in their majestic surroundings, in Alaska you can’t follow and photograph bears without following and photographing salmon.


The book goes through the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Most of the photos are from Alaska.


Hoshino is featured in Lynn Schooler’s 2002 book The Blue Bear: A True Story of Friendship and Discovery in the Alaskan Wild, when Schooler was Hoshino’s guide in the search to photograph the rare glacier or blue bear, only found in Southeast Alaska. He was also part of Kim Heacox’s 2005 book, The Only Kayak


After this book was published, Hoshino continued his photographic quests. He was tragically killed by a grizzly bear on a photo shoot in Kurilskoye Lake, Kamchatka in 1996.


A memorial totem, honoring his work and connection Alaska was raised in Sitka in 2008. It has an image of Hoshino holding a camera on the bottom, with Raven, Caribou, Whale and finally Glacier (Blue) bear at the top.



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The 14 regional groups (see map) are jointly represented by the Regional Fisheries Coalation. This entity also provides support for two regions (Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group and Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition, both on the western side of the Olympic Peninsula) which, to date, have more limited programs and membership. See


  • Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association (
  • Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group (
  • Sound Salmon Solutions (
  • Mid-Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group (
  • South Puget Sound Salmon Enhancement Group (
  • Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (
  • North Olympic Salmon Coalition (
  • Pacific Coast Salmon Coalition (
  • Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force (
  • Willapa Bay Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group (
  • Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group (
  • Mid Columbia Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group
  • Tri-State Steelheaders Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group (
  • Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group (