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Salmon Bacon


 My friend Laura was at her Portland Oregon supermarket when she overhead a conversation about something called “salmon bacon”. The man behind the fresh fish counter was touting this new product.


“Is it salty?” the customer asked.

“Yes”, he replied, “and it tastes really good, though it’s a little spendy”.


Salmon bacon. I had never heard of such a thing, so I decided to investigate.


When I went to my local QFC and inquired, they said yes indeed that sold salmon bacon, however, it had sold out, and they where not sure when it would again be available Apparently it was so popular that the producer was unable to supply them with enough to meet demand.


While salmon bacon has been available in the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe since 2014, it is just now appearing in the US. I was only able to find three sources on-line:


Trader Joes offers a Smoked Salmon Bacon.


Vital Choice brand (Wild Seafood and Organics, Bellingham) sells a Wild Salmon Bacon.


Kylee’s Alaskan Salmon Bacon, produced by Tustumena Smokehouse, Soldatna.


I’m still trying to get some, and know more about this product.


DLK, Aug 2019



Salmon As Food

What is the best tasting salmon?

Some people swear that Copper River sockeye is the best. Others would argue for wild kings or Chinook, maybe even one of the rare “white” kings of Alaska. Still others might say that wild ocean caught Coho is the best ... or kokanee from Kootenay Lake in British Columbia. A few might even argue for “organic” farmed salmon from Ireland or Kuterra from north Vancouver Island. There is no general agreement, nor even criteria for deciding what the best tasting salmon is.


Here are ten pretty good answers to this question.


The best tasting salmon is one you catch yourself.


The best tasting salmon is wild, not farmed.


The best tasting salmon is not too raw, not overdone, but cooked just right.


The best tasting salmon is the first fish of the season.


The best tasting salmon is cooked right by a river over an open wood fire.


The best tasting salmon is smoked the traditional way by a Native American.


The best tasting salmon is one which you eat with family and friends.


The best tasting salmon is cooked only with a little butter and touch of lemon, nothing else.


The best tasting salmon was the very first one you caught as a child fishing with your Dad or Mom.


The best tasting salmon would have been that world record King which somehow got away.


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