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Players combine words and pictures to learn about salmon in challenging and entertaining ways.


Game consists of two different decks plus instruction book for 5 different games and a dictionary of over 450 possible word combinations.



The "Action" deck has photographs by Natalie Fobes.

The "Salmon" deck has full color illustrations such as the one above.

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Salmon Run

Board Game

2-4 people, 10 years and up, 20 to 45 minutes.

Jesse Catron Designer

Illustrations by Eric J. Carter

Availability: $40 on Amazon.


One of the few salmon themed board games out there. Strong and appealing graphics. Great promise on reading the box instructions. Attempts to incorporate a number of aspects of an adult salmon’s journey upriver to spawn; predation by eagles and bears, obstacles (waterfalls and rapids), and fatigue. Its a race upstream.


While the game looks like fun, start playing and one quickly comes to an impasse. The rules are numerous, complicated and hard to remember. The cards are confusing, requiring an effort to understand their differences in the game.


Most of the problems stem from unclear instructions on how pieces move based on the cards played. Undoubtedly the game must work (the instructions list a whole family of testers and the investment in producing it must have been considerable).


I ask that a clearer, easier to understand set of rules be developed and made available.