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Number 4: August, 2019


Murkowski Finds EPA Criticism of Pebble Mine Substantial July 11, 2019

Murkowski comments on EPA findings of Corps of Engineers 404(q) draft environmental assessment, saying that they can either ask the Corps to revise the draft to meet EPA concerns or they can veto the Pebble project. Senator Murkowski also states that she will let the process unfold and will not intervene (saying she does not have the power to do so).


The Trump Administration EPA leadership appears to be backing off, looking for ways to allow the Pebble project to move ahead.


Wild Salmon & the World’s Largest Dam Removal Project

LA Times OpEd, June 13, 2019

Removing 4 dams on the Klamath River in order to help salmon revival is scheduled to begin in 2021. However, it is argued that without eliminating hatchery operations on the river, the project will not have the desired outcome.


Twenty Years of Dam Removal Successes & What’s Next

by Amy Souers Kober June 27, 2019 in

A good overview of this topic.


Focus Groups to Look at Lower Snake River Dam Removal Flatt,April 29th, 2019

Washington State’s operating budget includes a “stakeholder group” to look at what would happen if the 4 lower Snake River dams are removed. This action is an outcome of the Southern Resident Orca Task Force Recommendation. Funding will be used to pay for forums in 2020 and 2021.


What Alaska’s Pebble Mine Fight Means for Seattle

Hannah Weinberger, July 11, 2019 in

The EPA General Council directed EPA Region 10 to withdraw the Obama era determination that determined the Pebble Mine project to have significant environmental impacts, thus blocking it. This action helps pave the way for the Pebble Partnership to get a permit as early as 2020 to operate a more limited (than initially proposed) open pit mine for 20 years. Seattle has a significant stake in this action through its links to the Bristol Bay fishing industry. is Northwest Nonprofit News. Since 2007 a pioneer in local, online-only news, which in 2015 merged with KCTS Channel 9 public television.


Good News Sources

These are the places we visit regularly to find some of the best news and information related to salmon.


  • Earthfix (an Oregon Public Broadcasting site)
  • The Nature Conservancey California (
  • The Huffington Post (Huff Post Green) (
  • Ecotrust (
  • Northwest Science (Journal of Northwest Scientific Association) (
  • The Salmon Center & Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (
  • Salmon Safe
  • Wild Salmon Center
  • The Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
  • The Sightline Institute (
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation (
  • United Fishermen of Alaska (
  • (for commercial fishing news)

Number 1, June 2015

  • Pebble Mine 2014, Year In Review ... And Then There Were Lawyers
  • Local Catch: An Evening With Paul Greenberg On Sustainable Fisheries
  • Chuitna, More Than Salmon On the Line
  • Habitat Protection Benefits Japan’s Giant Taimen
  • Rain Gardens Could Make Runoff Safe for Salmon
  • The Largest Regional Sanctuary for Wild Salmon and Steelhead South of Canada
  • Salmon And The California Drought
  • Film Review: Return of the River
  • Book Review: Wolves In The Land of Salmon


Number 2, October 2015

  • More News About Dam Removals
  • Should You Let Your Pet Eat Salmon?
  • Does B.C.’s “Kuterra” Point The Way Towards The Future of Fish Farms?
  • Alaska Pebble Mine Project Update
  • Salmon For Coal & Alaska’s Fish First Policy ... an Update on the Chuitna
  • Film Review: The Surprise Salmon
  • Book Review: Cache: Creating Natural economies


Number 3, October 2018

  • Pebble Mine Overview & Timeline, 2014-2018
  • The World Needs Copper. Does It Need This Controversial Mine
  • EPA Reverses Course on Pebble Mine Project
  • Snake River Dam Removal
  • Myths and Facts About the Lower Snake River Dam Removal
  • Here’s How the Largest Dam Removal Project in the US Would Work
  • Removing Snake River Dams is Bad for the Economy and Salmon
  • Controversy Heats Up Over Removal of Lower Snake River Dams As Orcas Suffer Losses
  • Ruling Forces Discussion on Breaching Snake River Dams to Save Salmon
  • Vital Connection: Orcas, Salmon and The Snake River Dams
  • To Save Orcas, Removing Snake River Dams May Not Be the Answer
  • Book Review: "Burning Cascade Head" in Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and The Teachings of Plants, by Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Film Review: The Breach, 82 Minutes, 2015


Number 4, March 2019

  • Pebble Mine updates
  • Snake River Dam Removal
  • Latest (2016-2017) California Salmon Returns
  • Endangered Hood Canal and Eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca Summer Chim, Good News ... For Now
  • Book Review: Being Salmon, Being Human by Martin Lee Mueller