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Number One: June 2015


240,000 Salmon Fry Disappear "Into Thin Air"

Hatchery staff suspect "swarms" of kingfishers ... (continued on page A-8)

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Pebble Mine 2014, Year In Review ... And Then There Were Lawyers

Joel Reynolds blog in the Huffington Post “Green”



Great summary of what transpired during 2014 with this controversial mining project proposed for the headwaters of Bristol Bay, Alaska, one of the world’s richest salmon producing areas. Of particular note was the state-wide referendum on the project where 65% of voters voted for salmon over gold mining. While it was a bad year for the mine developers, one has to continue to pay attention to a project of this scope and significance.


Local CAtch

An Evening With Paul Greenberg On Sustainable Fisheries

by Megan Foucht (March 11th, 2015 blog found on www.ecotrust.org)


This was the first in a series of three "Food Forums" sponsored by Portland based Ecotrust. Paul Greenberg presents his latest book American Catch, sets the context for a panel discussion on the status of fish populations and the fishing industry with a focus on salmon. Go to blog for good summary.


Chuitna, More Than Salmon On the Line

This new video produced by Balanced Media with funding by Patagonia is scheduled for on-line release this summer (2015)


As the Pebble Mine project continues to face strong opposition, a new mining proposal just 40 miles west of Anchorage threatens all six kinds of wild salmon populations (and premier recreational fishing) along the Chuitna River. While the first open pit mine (to become one of the largest in the country) will impact 11 miles of the Chuitna, the real concern is that this project would be the beginning of extensive coal development throughout the area. Much of the coal would be loaded at ports on nearby Cook Inlet, destined for China. To see video trailer, go to www.vimeo.com/119613758. To find out more, visit savethechuitna.org.



Habitat Protection Benefits Japan’s Giant Taimen

The Sakhalin taimen, “a giant rare species of salmon (Parahucho perryi)” at the base of the evolutionary tree that gave rise to today’s salmon and trout. This article describes conservation efforts for it.

See www.wildsalmoncenter.org news

NEWS SOURCES (These are the places we visit regularly to find some of the best news and information related to salmon).

  • Earthfix
  • The Nature Conservancey California (casalmon.org)
  • The Huffington Post (Huff Post Green) (www.huffingtonpost.com
  • Ecotrust (www.ecotrust.org)
  • The American Naturalist (University of Chicago Press) (www.press.uchicago.edu)
  • Northwest Science (Journal of Northwest Scientific Association) (www.BioOne.org)
  • The Salmon Center & Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group (www.pnwsalmoncenter.org)
  • Salmon Safe www.salmonsafe.org
  • Wild Salmon Center www.wildsalmoncenter.org
  • The Olympic Peninsula Environmental News www.olyopen.com
  • The Sightline Institute (www.Sightline.org)
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation (www.raincoast.org)

Rain Gardens Could Make Runoff Safe for Salmon

by Lisa Stiffler (January 22nd, 2015 blog found on www.sightline.org)


This article is part of a research project, Stormwater Solutions: Curbing Toxic Runoff. Stiffler starts by describing two experiments. The first, coho salmon are placed in water collected as runoff from a highway. They were dead after ten hours. The same water was filtered through a simulated rain garden environment (sand, compost, shredded bark). Here the fish, as well as other critters survived. Most people who live in urbanized areas in the Pacific Northwest have probably seen a “rain garden”. Usually they add an attractive landscaped look to the streetscape. This article helps appreciate how important they can be for salmon and most other wildlife.


The Largest Regional Sanctuary for Wild Salmon and Steelhead South of Canada

The somewhat misleading title should invite the curiosity of anyone interested in wild salmon. In June, 2014, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife approved Coastal Multispecies Conservation and Management Plan which established half of the watersheds on the Oregon coast as “Wild Fish Emphasis Areas.” Clearly this is something to be aware of and to continue to follow.  See www.wildsalmoncenter.org/news


Salmon And The California Drought

If you are interested in the status of salmon in California the place to go is The Nature Conservancy’s “California Salmon Snapshots” website (www.casalmon.org). The site is supported by California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, National Marine Fisheries Service and over 100 conservation partners, including TNC. Go to the News and Stories section for the latest articles regarding how the drought is affecting salmon populations. Recent articles discuss


  • the complexity of water use policies which need to respond to the competing demands of cities, agriculture and fish,
  • how warm water releases from dams impacted young salmon last year (and Shasta dam managers are trying to keep release water cooler this year),
  • how hatcheries will be trucking their young fish to marine bays since river levels are to low for natural migration, and
  • how severe young salmon die-offs the last two years will likely mean very low returns in 2017 and 2018.


Go to the website’s Salmon Snapshots section to find excellent river-by-river population status reports.



Cordova, Alaska, July 17-18 (Copper River Wild! Salmon Festival. For information go to www.alaska.org/things-to-do/festivals



Coos Bay Oregon, September 11-13 (12th Annual Mill Luck Salmon Celebration). For information go to www.themillcasino.com


Seattle, September 17-18 (Salmon Homecoming “School Days Activities” at Seattle Aquarium). For information go to www.salmonhomecoming.org


Wenatchee Washington, Sept. 17-19 (Wenatchee River Salmon Festival, Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery). For information go to www.salmonfest.org



Lincoln California, October 3 (6th Annual Salmon Celebration, McBean Park). For information go to www.wildlifeheritage.org/salmon



Alsea Oregon, Nov 14-16 (Fall Salmon Celebration). For information go to www.thethymegarden.com/events


Harrison Mills British Columbia, Nov. 23-24 (Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival). For information go to www.aboriginalbc.com/events/salmon-celebration


Reviews & Commentary

Book Review

Wolves In The Land of Salmon

by David Moskowitz


Timber Press

336 pp with maps, photos & illustrations



Outstanding book! It answered nearly all the questions I had about the current status of wolves in the Pacific Northwest, and, as the title suggests, discussed their little understood relationship to salmon.

Read Full Review


Return of the River

Documentary Film, 71 minutes

Produced and Directed by John Gussman & Jessica Plumb


At first glance this film appears to be about dismantling two quite large dams constructed in the early 1900’s on the Elwha River, located on the north side of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. It soon becomes apparent that dam removal is just part of a much larger story; of a majestic river, of the fish and wildlife that depend on it for survival, of the people who lived along it for millennia, and of change wrought by pioneering newcomers who, in the name of progress and economic development tamed and made use of the area’s lands and waters. It is, in so many ways, yet another version of the story repeated, watershed by watershed, across North America.

Read Full Review