Test Your Salmonsmarts

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1. Which is heavier, a pound of Chinook salmon or a pound of King salmon?

Hint ...

don't be tricked!


Answer ...

They both weigh a pound ... and Chinook and King are two names for the same kind of salmon.

2. How many salmon can you get into a five gallon bucket?

Hint ...

Think outside of the bucket.


Answer ...

None if the bucket has a big hole in the bottom.



1. In the illustration below, which letter indicates the pelvic fin?








Hint ...

Think about where the pelvis is on your body.

Answer ...

The answer is "c", and there are a pair of them ... and if you noticed that salmon do not have fins at "a" you are really smart (they were just drawn in to test you).

2. What’s the difference between a salmon and a trout?

Hint ...

Don’t ask an icthyologist this unless you have a little time.

Answer ...

The simple answer to what is a somewhat complicated question is that salmon are anadromous, they start life in fresh water, grow in the ocean, and then return to fresh water to spawn and die. Trout on the other hand, live their entire life in fresh water. As in all of nature, there are exceptions. Sea run cutthroat trout will go out into the ocean to feed and grow, and some sockeye salmon (called kokanee) spend their whole life in freshwater lakes. Salmon and trout are in the same family of fish, technically called the salmonidae.

Most Difficult


1. Which of the wild Pacific salmon has the most extensive range, from Japan all the way around to California?

Hint ...

There are seven wild Pacific salmon species: Chinook, chum, coho, sockeye, pink, masu and steelhead (generally considered a salmon).

Answer ...

Chum (also called dog salmon) range the most widely, followed by pinks (also called humpbacks).

2. Why is wild salmon not usually eaten raw in sushi?


Hint ...

Go to the Food page.

Answer ...

Because it harbors parasites. Most salmon served raw in sushi is farmed (and fed antibiotics and other things to kill parasites) or flash frozen (a process which also usually kills parasites) then served right after thawing so it has the texture and appearance of being “fresh”.