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What kind of fish is lox made from?

Hint ...

See the Food page "A Lot About Lox"


Answer ...

Lox is always made from salmon, most (though not all) of which is farmed Atlantic salmon.



What dam on the Columbia River completely submerged Celilo Falls (the largest (by water volume) in North America at the time, and an important Native American salmon fishing and trading site)?

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Its named after the nearby Oregon town.

Answer ...

The Dalles dam.

Most Difficult


What are kelts"


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 Usually refers to Atlantic salmon, but also used for some steelhead and trout at a particular stage of life.

Answer ...

A kelt is a salmon or “sea trout”, after spawning and before returning to sea. The word, of Middle English origin, first referred to Atlantic salmon (because many spawn more than once). With Pacific salmon, kelt refers to rainbow, steelhead and cutthroat trout individuals after spawning who are swimming downriver to spend time in the ocean again.