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Test Your Salmonsmarts

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A kype is ...


a. An immature male salmon, usually a two year old that returns from the ocean to try to spawn.


b. A tool used to filet a salmon (or any other fish)


c. The hooked nose that mature males develop at spawning time.


d. The Russian name for a chum salmon.



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Kype refers to the hooked nose that mature males develop at spawning time.



Which of the wild Pacific salmon species is the most numerous (choose from Pinks, Coho, Sockeye, Chum, Chinook or Steelhead). ?






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Hint: They are the most commonly found in cans.



Pinks, also called humpbacks or humpies are the most numerous salmon by far. They have long been the staple of the canned salmon industry.


Most Difficult


Are wild Atlantic salmon bigger than wild Pacific salmon?


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This is not a simple yes or no answer.

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According to wikipedia, the record Atlantic salmon was a 109 pound fish netted in Scotland in 1960. The International Game Fish Association all tackle record wild Pacific salmon was a 97 pound-4 ounce fish caught in the Kenai River, Alaska in 1985. This surprised me, since I never realized how big Atlantic salmon could get. One factor is that not all Atlantic salmon die after their first spawning, returning to the ocean to feed and grow (whereas virtually all king salmon die after spawning).